V Gray Chest Cross A Short Sleeve Dress Neckline Mini Frame wF0qvW

V Gray Chest Cross A Short Sleeve Dress Neckline Mini Frame wF0qvW

December 10, 2018 | The Westin - Seattle, WA

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When you’ve been working hard on your figure, you’ll be happy to have a dress like this one in your closet. The loose fitting nature of the dress will do nothing to hide the figure beneath, so you get a chance to show off all your hard work. Short sleeves provide you with a casual look that is perfect in just about any situation. The v-neckline is broken up with the addition of a cross strap that goes across the upper part of the chest. Mini-length to the dress is both contoured as well as flowing at the same time to provide you with even more comfort. You will enjoy the amount of airflow that goes through the dress when you’re looking to be active. Whether you’re looking to wear the dress out on a date or to a cocktail party, you will look incredible with heels or high boots.

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